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Are Llandudno's wild goats a positive or a plague?
Are Llandudno's wild goats a positive or a plague?

[Image: _106002930_goat22.png]

A row is brewing over whether to take action against a famous herd of roaming wild goats.

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The Kashmiri goats have lived on the Great Orme headland above Llandudno in Conwy for more than 100 years.

However they have been described as a "plague" by residents tired of gardens being eaten, droppings left in the street and concerns over road safety.

Others insists the goats are a key part of the area's character and should be protected.

Conwy council said the goats are wild animals and there are no plans to intervene - at the moment.

The herd has long ventured into the town when food is scarce in spring.

However, the goats have grown both in numbers and notoriety since the Covid pandemic.

Their numbers spiked when the pandemic meant contraceptive jabs could not be given to the goats as usual.

They made headlines after making the most of the town's traffic-free roads at the start of lockdown and continue to be seen more regularly more often than usual in car parks, roundabouts and housing estates.

For Phyl Oliver, 77, planning restrictions in the Liddell Park area mean she is unable to put up a permanent fence to protect the front garden she tended to while recovering from cancer.

"It's like having a plague of locusts or a plague of frogs," she said.

"I've had elderly people here weeping because the rose garden that their late husband built for them has been devoured.

"A garden isn't just plants - it's a lifelong hobby. It motivates you to get out and do something, and it's important for mental health [but] it's being taken off me.

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