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Plot World Help
Welcome to Plot World help.

To get started on a plot, you must first claim the plot.

To claim a plot, you use /p auto  This will auto-claim a plot for you and teleport you to the edge of your plot.  You can claim as a player 4 plots.
To teleport to your plot from anywhere on Dragon Dimensions, you can use /p home If you have more than one plot claimed, you can add a
number 1 - 4 to go to the respective plot number.  If you want to wander around and claim a plot, you can use /p claim to claim that plot

You will know when a plot is claimed as the border of the plot will change to [Image: Granite_Slab.png] Granite Slab,  there will also be an announcement
whenever you enter a claimed plot.

As your rank increases, the amount of plots you can have will too. Players can have 4 Plots, Power Builders can have 8 Plots, VIP can have 16 Plots
You can invite other players to help with your plot by using the /p trust {username}  command
You can uninvite other players from helping with your plot by using the  /p untrust {username} command

If you claim plots that are touching, you can merge your plots using /p merge  You just have to be facing the plot you want to merge into.

To reset your plot, use /p clear  This will clear your plot and make it fresh.
To remove your plot and give up the space, use /p reset

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