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People avoid receiving more news because they are “too depressed and repetitive.”
[Image: 8225034e415e258f0f12776e15b75ae4.jpg]

People avoid receiving more news because they are “too depressed and repetitive.”
A British research group survey found that  very important forเว็บเกมสล็อตmaking money, which slot games currently offer say that there are games to choose from without fear, but we recommend choosing a game that can be re-spinned in each reel. The method is to try it for free first to see if the game is re-spin. When I found out. The game you need is then played for real money.Combination of Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Russo-Ukrainian War and the cost of living crisis make people less interested in the news

foreign news agencies Report from Oxford United Kingdom on June 16 that the Reuters Institute of the University of Oxford. Report on the world's depression As a result, people are not interested in receiving more news.

A survey of 93,000 people in 46 countries found that news avoidance has increased from 29% to 38% since 2017, with the share doubling in some countries, such as Brazil at 54% and the United Kingdom. at 46%

The young population also sees the current news as dull and difficult to understand. But the main reason to avoid receiving news is monotony. especially news about COVID-19 and politics, while other groups said The news will create a debate they want to avoid. or make you feel powerless

“I will avoid anything that provokes anxiety. and what negative impact it has on me,” the 27-year-old British respondent told researchers. “I will try to avoid reading news about deaths and disasters.”

The report's lead author, Nick Newman, said the findings were "a challenge to the news industry in particular".

“The issues that journalists consider the most important are political crises, international conflicts. and global epidemics Instead, it seems to have clearly become something people ignore the news.”

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