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Survival Mode Help
Survival Mode Help

To get started, you will need to get yourself a Golden Shovel.  This will be how you make a land claim.  The longer you play,
the more land you earn. While anything you build inside the claim is safe from griefing, it will not stop someone from raiding your chests

Add a sign to your doors and chests to protect them.   The first line is [Private]  the second line is your username.

There is NO firespread on this server.   There's nothing worse than creating a masterpiece and then having lightning hit you or a creeper
blow up and set you on fire.

Setup a home.   After you stake your claim, use /sethome  This will set a home where you are standing.    To return, use /home

Teleport Access...   /tpa {username} to request a teleport to them. 

Everywhere has /spawn  this will return you to the spawn point of the current world you're in.

Kill mobs...  The more mobs you kill, the more money you earn.  Spend your hard earned cash at the market at spawn.   There is a weapon shop, a tool shop, and a potion shop.
Use /money to check your balance at any time.   

Find out who is on which server use /who

Pressing the TAB will show you who is online and what their rank is.

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